White Collar Crimes

Generally, “White Collar” crimes are financial crimes of theft which violate a fiduciary duty by private or government actor. Most often individuals who are acting as “trustees” for the benefit of third persons or corporations are charged with these types of crimes.

When one is under investigation for this type of offense, it is not uncommon to have departments of the State and/or Federal government involved. These types of investigations are long and extremely thorough. As such, you cannot afford to wait until your indictment to hire counsel. As soon as you learn of an accusation or investigation you should retain a lawyer to begin the process of developing a unique and sophisticated defense strategy.

If you are under investigation for an accusation of bribery, money laundering, kickbacks, embezzlement, or other criminal investigations then the White Collar Attorneys at Rouse & Co. Attorneys at Law can help. Schedule an appointment immediately to evaluate your case and to aggressively represent your interests.