Robbery and Burglary

The crime of robbery occurs when a person takes property of another by force, intimidation, threat and.or by placing the person in fear of serious bodily harm. The sentence for a conviction for robbery depends on a number of factors, i.e. the number of previous convictions for robbery, the types of weapons used, the occupation/position of the victim and the age of the victim. Generally speaking, if convicted for robbery you can face 20 years in prison not to mention related criminal fines and punishment.

If you have been accused of robbery call us today to evaluate your case. You may have affirmative defenses to the crime charged and/or there may be favorable facts that have yet to be discovered. Whatever your scenario, you have a right to be informed and should take every opportunity to have aggressive legal counsel at your side. Call our office today and let us put our talents and experience to work for you.