Class Action Claims

When large companies injure individuals and consumers as a result of negligence due to faulty products, dangerous drugs, corporate misconduct, and or financial mismanagement, the effects of the negligence could touch hundreds if not thousands of individuals and families. In these situations, class action lawsuits are a means to provide compensation to the class of victims without requiring each party to file an independent lawsuit. Specifically, class action suits can stem from (among other things):

  • Corporate negligence causing similar injury to multiple victims
  • Corporate mismanagement (either with respect to policy or financial services sold)
  • Pharmaceuticals that caused dangerous unintended side effects
  • Recalled products (either medical, pharmaceutical, or consumer goods)
  • Deceptive practices

If you or someone you know has been a victim of negligence on part of a large company, you may have a type of injury that others experienced and as a result your case may be suitable to for a class action lawsuit. Because the time limitations to file suit are uncertain, the decision to initiate or participate in a pending class action should be made at the earliest possible date. Call the Class Action Attorney to give an overview of your case and allow us to put our experiences and talents to work for you.