Individuals, families and businesses alike have been affected by the tumultuous economy over the past
few years. Although, some believe that bankruptcy carries with it a stigma of financial difficulty and
failure, nothing could be further from the truth. Bankruptcy is nothing more than the legal means of
obtaining a fresh start and reorganizing financial affairs.

If your goal is to obtain immediate relief from overwhelming debt or to obtain a plan to reorganize your
finances and add greater structure and control to your financial affairs. We have the ability to assist you.
The following are the areas of bankruptcy law offered by the firm:

  • Chapter 7: Complete Liquidation
  • Chapter 11: Business / Partnership / Individual Reorganization
  • Chapter 13: Individual Reorganization

If you or your business are considering options to handle overwhelming debt. Contact us for an
evaluation. After obtaining vital information related to your unique circumstances we will be in a
position to discuss all the options available to you and advise you on how best to move forward.

We look forward to putting our expertise and talents to work for you.