Personal Injury attorneys are responsible for proving liability in another person as a prerequisite to obtaining financial recovery for their clients.  As such, if you are involved in an accident or one of your loved ones is seriously injured, call our firm immediately. Whether by day or night, we will respond to your emergency promptly and begin to provide you with the resources you need to secure your claim for relief.

An example of a complex case involving liability and damages is included below:

Henry County fire and police departments worked to clear a couple of auto accidents Wednesday that shut down Henry County portions of I-75.

The first accident came at 4:57 a.m., on I-75 southbound, just south of the I–675 entrance, not far from the Clayton County border, according to Henry County Police Sgt. Joey Smith.

A tractor trailer overturned blocking three lanes of I-75, said Smith.

Police believe “the driver of the tractor trailer lost control and tried to correct,” the officer said. He added that “road conditions” also contributed to the accident. There were no injuries and no other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Smith said the interstate was closed for about two hours, to allow for the removal of the overturned tractor trailer and its debris.

Just hours later, two tractor trailers and a vehicle collided going south, shutting down I-75 for the second time.

That accident happened at 11:53 a.m., on I-75 south at the 224 mile marker, near the Hudson Bridge Road exit in Stockbridge, according to police and fire officials.

“It is believed that a passenger car cut off one of the tractor trailers causing it to collide with another, and [it] also involved a passenger car,” said Smith. “[It is] unknown if the passenger car involved was the one who cut off the tractor trailer.”

Smith said police believe the cause of the second accident was when one flat bed tractor trailer and one box tractor trailer jackknifed. Smith added “heavy traffic” also contributed to the accident.

The Henry County Fire Department also responded to the second mishap.

“First arriving units found all southbound lanes blocked by the two tractor trailers involved,” said Henry County Fire Capt. Sabrina Puckett.

“One patient was transported to Atlanta Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries,” said Smith. He acknowledged, that patient was one of the tractor trailer drivers, who requested to be taken to the hospital. No other injuries were reported.

All of the lanes on the interstate were shut down for about 45 minutes.

Henry County firefighters cleaned up the oil which spilled across the interstate, as a result of the collision. Capt. Puckett said Georgia Department of Transportation took control of cleaning the oil spill from the roadway.

“Approximately 15 gallons of oil was on the roadway, we applied oil dry and stopped the progress of the spill, until Georgia Department of Transportation arrived on the scene,” said Puckett.

All of I-75 lanes were reopened approximately an hour and half after the second accident, said Smith.

In sum, this example should clarify to you that, if you are involved in a serious accident (in Clayton County or Henry County), you should consult and attorney immediately and refrain from communicating with /or offering statements (written or otherwise) to insurance companies.

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